Why Choose us

Credentials and credibility

Credentials and credibility build up business reputations. And hence...

...aided by our formidable reputation and acclaim which are edifices of business standing, we exude that very element of surety. Well, amidst all the fierce competition around, here’s why you need to choose us to deal with...

Genuine leather.

You are assured of absolutely fine quality true leather with all its authenticated genuineness and guaranteed quality

Unique Designs.

A whole wide range of products awaits you to choose from, given the new arrivals to suit the ever-changing market taste

Customised Products.

Gifts are bespoken to help you carry forward your personalised message to your end customers, with all delectable fervour

Fast Delivery.

Timelines are strictly adhered to, and all products are delivered precisely on time as pre-agreed

Wholesale & Retail.

We cater to all segments of the market, meeting all requirements of wholesale trade and retail customers

Fineness in Quality.

Quality isn’t just the best, but a certain fineness presents itself in our products to please the connoisseur in you

Shipping Support.

Rest assured of our time-honoured commitment in follow-through for perfect delivery

Happy to Help.

Suffice it to say, we are just a call away and eager to help. Be assured of our personalised customer service