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Immerse yourself in the huge pool of products. Revel the range exceeding your anticipation....

Revaa revels in offering an enticing repertoire of leather products with a massive range and with customisation and bespoke speciality. The compendium further includes corporate gifts inclusive of a whole wide range like gents & ladies wallets/purses, key pouches/cases, handbags, passport holders, card holders, personalised planners & diaries, travel bags, utility cases, conference folders, gift sets and the like.


  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-4020GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-10123GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-14121GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-8021GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-12021GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-3110GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-9022GWI
  • Two Fold Wallet-3111UWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-8010GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-8010GWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-8020GWI
  • Mens Vertical Wallet-3122GWI
  • Bi fold Vertical Wallet-5112GWI
  • Executive Wallet-5121UWI
  • Bi fold Mens Wallet-3123GWI


  • Ladies Purse-11121LPI
  • Ladies Purse-8031LPI
  • Ladies Purse-6031LPI
  • Ladies Purse-10020LPI


  • Unisex Wallet-5121UWI
  • Vertical Bi fold Wallet-3122GWI
  • Vertical Wallet-5112GWI
  • Double Flip Vertical Wallet-3111UWI


  • Travel Wallet-7031TWI
  • Travel Wallet-4012TWI
  • Travel Wallet-4030TWI


Key case

  • Key case-222AKYI
  • Key case-202AKYI

CC Holder

  • Credit Card holder-8002CCI
  • credit card holder-16000CCI
  • credit card holder-20000CCI

Coin Purse

  • Coin Purse-0110TPI
  • Coin Purse-0210TPI
  • Coin Purse-0120TPI