Bespoke Gifts

Personifying Gifts

Spread your name. Carry your message. Attain new realms of brand legacy

A gift speaks a thousand words.
It says, “You are important”
Its elegance reflects your taste
Its uniqueness is an ode to your perfection
It’s everything that you always want to say
And yet, everything that you’d rather leave unsaid

True poetic tribute to that loving, precious something called Gift. Let your Gift speak volumes without uttering a word with the most refined, elegant and handmade collection of quality leather that is sheer class apart. Through attention to detail and handpicked customisation, we foster the character of leather making it stylish and truly classic. A simple proud possession.

An indelible mark

When you make a presentation, make an indelible sentiment that a recipient treasurers forever. It ought to be a statement of goodwill and business ethics blending with sheer class. Well, we ensure that for enabling that very touch of class through personalising the stamp of élan. Indeed, we don’t just put your name on the gift; we etch your cordial feelings.

Alongside, we at Revaa offer our sophisticated and elegant gift solutions, appropriately suiting customer requirements vis-a-vis occasions & opportunities. Be it a year-end token of gratitude, or commemorating a service anniversary or celebrating a promotion or any specific occasion demanding a celebratory gesture, Revaa has the right answer to cater to your explicit needs.

Variety Tabled

With an assortment of boxes befittingly suiting the exact occasion, Revaa offers you a choice of Premium products enumerated thus –

  • Narrow & Printed Gift boxes to select from.
  • Standard Box
  • Premium Gift Box
  • Printed Gift Box and those in this genre.

We bespoke gifts to your specifications to carry forward your image to farther corners of business and goodwill. Personalising a gift carries its own vital significance in that you don’t just celebrate your brand, but the recipient also actually carries your precious sentiments for posterity.

Personifying Gifts

Decorations are sprawled across the wide range of products and vary with the product. A quick, cursory glimpse of what we panoramically do: Gift box Sleeve Imprint, Logo/Message imprints, Logo Embossing on metal fittings, Special colours (Pantone shade) of Leathers, Logo/Message imprints on leathers, etc. Please refer individual product detail page for available options.